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When to use live bait for catching fish


Over the years, there has been a development of different styles and methods of fishing. Also, many theories about the best type of baits to use have been developed in the process although many fishers and professionals don’t agree on what is best and when. There are different choices of lures to choose from ranging from synthetic attractions in all sizes and shapes to live attractions and to artificial lures. This article will tray and use the experience of several fishers to provide a few valuable tips on the best time and occasion to use live lures.

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When should you use live baits?

Live bait has been used for many years and is still considered the most efficient method for having a big catch. Therefore, for individuals who want to grab a world record fish and consistently, this is the best approach as it has been tested in both fresh and salt waters around the world. Another occasion where live baits are useful is when angling trout’s in the cool parts of the world as well as in the mountains and lakes. It is believed that trout prefer the natural food they feed in the wild and therefore live worms which are easy to catch make the best enticement for them. Also, if you want to have a good catch fast and easy during the winter, lures that are alive provide the best option because they react naturally to the water, unlike the artificial ones.

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Tips for using live baits

When using attractions that are alive make sure that your hands are moist to prevent you from damaging their slimy protective layer which important as it for fish attraction. Besides, ensure that the lure remains as natural as possible by avoiding the use of heavy lines and making sure that the eyes are not damaged. This makes it possible for them to see their predators approaching and therefore try to get away and in the process excite the angle to hold on them more strongly.

It is important to note that love bait works well on most occasions as long as it utilized well.